Co-curricular Activities Management System

Co-curricular Activities Management System
  • The idea of learning has adhered to the principles of fostering not only Academic but also the skill-based/co-curricular activities in course of study for overall development of the students.

The co-curricular activities management system contributes to the social, personality and physical development of the students By conducting various indoor and outdoor activities in the school premises such as

  • Music and dance competitions
  • Sports competitions
  • Science exhibition
  • Art and craft
  • Debate/story telling competitions
  • Photography competitions
  • fancy dress competitions
  • Drama
  • Quiz competitions
  • Etc.

The advantages of skill based programs and go curricular activities are

  • It helps to boost the confidence and personality development of the student
  • It infuses the importance of teamwork and enhances communication skills
  • It triggers leadership skills and creative skills in the students
  • It contributes in maintaining a good mental and physical health
  • It builds the moral, fundamental and ethical values in student